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Purchases, Sales, and Refinances

Upland Title Agency is staffed with experienced real estate professionals who resolve issues and produce title commitments seamlessly. Each of our title searches makes three core determinations:

  • Is the title to the property marketable?
  • Are there any restrictions on the property? (These would include real covenants, easements, and HOA restrictions.)
  • Are there any liens that need to be paid at closing? (Liens commonly include mortgages, back taxes, mechanic's liens, and HOA special-assessments.)

Upland Title Agency treats every transaction with a detailed approach to ensure a comprehensive search revealing any and all title concerns.

Seamless Solutions

Documentation errors, lack of regulatory knowledge, and false information can cause unnecessary delays or even derail a closing, not to mention undermine everyone’s confidence in the closing process. Our team is committed to not only clearing title matters but also closing on time and error-free. Our seamless solutions include:

  • Ordering any payoffs, estoppel letters, municipal lien searches, surveys, etc.
  • Understanding TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) title fee requirements
  • FinCen and FIRPTA compliance matters
  • Endorsements for remotely notarized loan documents
  • Conventional construction-to-permanent mortgage provisions

Lenders Offer No-Fee Refinance including Value Title Services.

Homeowners are more and more likely to shop around for the best deal when refinancing their homes. For that reason, some lenders offer no-fee or reduced fee refinancing. 

  • The mortgage lender covers the lender fees but charges third-party fees and prepaid items. 
  • The lender covers all fees and third-party charges with the exception of prepaid items. 
  • The mortgage lender covers all fees and costs.

With value driven lender policies, Upland Title Agency can help you offer a competitive no-fee refinance solution.

Contact Upland Title Agency

Upland Title Agency serves real estate and mortgage industry professionals throughout Florida. Our team regularly handles complex, high-volume, and time-sensitive title work at a competitive price point. Our team of closing experts is uniquely qualified to handle the needs of real estate teams, mortgage servicers, and developers.

Contact us at: 786-687-3295 - to discover how working with Upland Title Agency can improve the way you close deals.


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