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Private Lending

High-Quality Title Insurance for Private Loans

When traditional financing isn't available, buyers turn to hard money or private lenders for loans. Typically the financed property secures the loan. Generally, when buyers turn to these types of financing, it is because time is of the essence. High-quality title work is imperative for any private or hard money loan.

You may be considering working with a high-quality title agency to:

  • Protect your investment
  • Get you to the closing table faster
  • Help you increase your loan volume

No matter your long term goal, Upland Title Agency offers a competitive price point and is equipped to handle complex, high-volume, and time-sensitive title work.

What Should a Lender's Policy Include?

There are unknowns and hazards in every real estate transaction. High-quality title insurance can insure losses from an ownership dispute or unpaid lien.

A lender's policy for a private or hard money loan will examine the property and the buyer of the property. In addition to protection that a standard owner's title policy covers, a lender's policy should assure that:

  • The borrower has a vested interest in the property offered as collateral.
  • The borrower is not currently declaring bankruptcy.
  • Any existing liens are resolved.
  • The property is not pending foreclosure.
  • The property is as described in the title.

This type of title work not only protects against potential issues, but it also protects the loan. Detailed title research ensures the lender is in a favorable position to collect if the borrower defaults on the loan. Quality title work protects the lender's interests for the entirety of the loan term.

Get to the Closing Table Faster and More Frequently

Working with an experienced title and closing team takes the research and public records legwork off your plate. Choose to work with a title agency that can inform your long-term lending strategy and increase your loan volume. We help lenders close more deals by offering:

  • A seasoned team of title professionals
  • Swift resolution to title issues
  • Specialized title commitments for property-secured loans
  • Simple and secure transactions
  • Competitive flat-rate pricing

Very few title agencies have a team of professionals capable of correctly handling complex title insurance on an expedited basis. The Upland Title Agency team brings decades of transaction experience to every transaction.

Specialized Title Commitments for Private Lenders

Whether you are a private lender or specialize in hard money loans, working with a title agency that understands your business and supports your overall strategy can increase revenue and decrease risk. We think beyond a single transaction and seek out long-term relationships with innovative real estate professionals. Contact us at: 786-687-3295 - to discover how working with Upland Title Agency can improve the way you close deals.


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